We’re here to collaborate and drive growth.

CEO Partnership

We provide coaching based on observed best practices, implemented strategies, and trends in the industry. We also advise CEOs on strategy, talent, and landscape analysis.

Extensive Network

Based on years in the industry, our network is comprised of technology buyers, technical and developer talent, marketing and sales experts, and leaders at top technology mega-caps.

Focus on Growth

We work hands-on with companies on: product roadmap, positioning, enterprise sales and marketing, competitive strategy, partner ecosystem development, platform strategy, and the application of data and machine learning.


Product roadmap and development strategy

The Convercent team had a deeply compelling vision for building out their platform. We engaged along with of one of our top technical advisors and data analytics expert to support them on their product development strategy, priorities, and team composition. This has accelerated the engineering efforts at the company to continue to bring innovation to the compliance market.

“Tola Capital’s passion in who they build their portfolio with sets a world-class standard for investing in Enterprise SaaS Software. They don’t just invest in the next big thing; they invest honestly with an extreme focus and sense of curiosity, which are values we embody every day. Because of this level of commitment, Convercent is honored to be a part of the firm’s quality portfolio, alongside other game-changing companies.”

Patrick Quinlan

CEO, Convercent


Deriving value from data

We believe there is great value in data and the key to unlocking that value is a prescribed framework to assess readiness and opportunity to put that data to work for customers.

We have worked with our data analytics advisor who has decades of experience creating these offerings and advising companies, to create a framework and results-focused playbook for advising our companies through this process. This partnership will help Nulogy derive further value from its rich supply chain data assets and create differentiated experiences for customers.

“We have found the Tola team to be hands-on and collaborative. They have also added value when engaging with our customers and market because of their domain knowledge and experience.”

Jason Tham

CEO, Nulogy


Building strong industry relationships

Partnerships can be incredibly valuable, but there are key levers to pull to make them impactful. We have spent many years understanding the dynamics of the industry and key players, as well as establishing partner strategies and programmatic engagement models. We put this to work as we look at the ecosystem that surrounds Sitecore.

This has provided insights into new opportunities and helped strengthen existing alliances through direct partner dialogues and strategic guidance from Tola.


Team development and talent identification

Building high preforming teams of talented professionals is something we care about and prioritize with our companies. We identify and introduce key talent from our networks, actively engage in the evaluation of new talent, and help to recruit key team members and advisors.

We have worked closely with SaleMove to evaluate and recruit talent as they have built up their leadership team. We have also brought key advisors to the company, both from a technical, industry, and go-to-market perspective.

“Tola is unique because the team excels at both the high-level strategic issues as well as the day-to-day tactical challenges. They display remarkable versatility in this regard and as a result have gone from investors to true partners in our business!”

Dan Michaeli

CEO, SaleMove


Engaging with enterprise buyers

Selling enterprise software is something we love to do! We spend much of our time with technology buyers and understanding their needs. Throughout the process of diligence, investment, and advising, we engage with potential customers and help sell. Chief Information Security Officers are a key customer for ProtectWise and we have worked closely with them to establish strong relationships with individual CISOs to understand their perspectives and to drive sales conversations. We have hosted gatherings with key CISOs at industry conferences and continued those dialogues to build pipeline for the company.