Investing in founders with a vision for technology at work.


Tola Capital was founded in 2010 in Seattle, WA, and while you may not have heard of us, we’ve been helping enterprise software companies become category leaders and generating great returns for our investors.

  • A team with diverse operational and software industry experiences
  • Investing in solutions with the potential for long-term, transformational change
  • Extensive network of advisors and experts across the software ecosystem
  • Invested in over 20 portfolio companies
  • Funding globally, primarily across Seed, Series A and Series B
  • Managing $500M+
  • Companies acquired by SAP, Oracle, SoftBank, Verizon, Mastercard, Cisco, and Rapid7

Our Values

Multiple perspectives matter

From our collective investing strategies to hiring practices, Tola believes in the value of different viewpoints. We bring the investment and operating experiences of our full team to our portfolio.

Experience matters

Our team has decades of success in building global product and platform businesses, and our deep network of advisors and specialists are available when needed.

Patience matters

When investing in early stage software companies, we believe that the long view is the right view. Our structure and bespoke approach mean that we partner with founders to build businesses over the long-term.

The world matters

We have always had a global view of the software market and continue to see great ideas and software, powered by the cloud, built by teams around the world.