How the world will work
depends on software.

We partner with founders who see that future.

Singularly investing in software to power business

Singularly investing in software to power business

Every industry will be transformed by software.

Tola Capital has been part of the software revolution for decades and have deep, operational perspective on how it will continue to transform business.

We practice hypothesis-based investing and are particularly focused on companies having an impact in the following areas: Artificial Intelligence, Developer Tools, Data Infrastructure, Security, and Future of Work.

A Successful History

Tola is the biggest venture fund in Seattle that you may not have heard of.

For over a decade we’ve been heads down, investing in great founders, helping enterprise software companies become category leaders, and generating great returns for our investors.



Our Principles

Product focused

Working closely with our companies on their product roadmaps to realize the highest returns over time.


A structure and approach that enables us to invest in companies for the long haul.

Investing locally and globally

Unconstrained by location, investing in great companies all over the world.

Hypothesis-based strategy

Identifying needs and solutions that drive transformational change in large markets.

Selective investing

Building value and creating relationships with founders that last.


Diversity at Tola

We live our value of diversity every day.
Diverse thinking

We value teams that embrace diversity and want to build inclusive cultures.

Diverse success

We believe in the business value of diversity and raise the bar on ourselves – and our partners – in measures beyond ROI.

Diverse experience

Our team has different experiences and perspectives that inform how we view the world, markets, and opportunities.

Diverse network

Our network brings a broader pool of the right talent to our portfolio companies.


Our Team

We invest as a team, bringing together our collective experiences and insights to identify opportunities and partner with our companies.

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News & Updates

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Investing in zero trust networking platform for the cloud era

Tola Capital leads investment in’s $6M seed round. simplifies cloud networking for security and infrastructure teams through visibility-first zero trust networking, providing security and AI-based monitoring without relying on agents.

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Proprietary vs. Open Source Foundation Models

This post will discuss a framework that can help guide you through the decision process by comparing the tradeoffs between proprietary vs. open-source foundation models along five key dimensions: cost structure, time-to-market, latency, flexibility and transparency, and security and governance. 

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Practically Intelligent EP3: Vector Databases

Learn about all the hype behind vector databases and the future of how developers will work with embeddings. Also hear how to compare different vector database options available on the market today.

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